Returned products are sometimes damaged by improper packing. Some of the units are heavy and have chassis with sharp corners. If the units are improperly cushioned they may bump against each other during shipping.

Components can be sheared off the circuit board, chassis may be scratched, and transformer terminals may be torn off.

All of this damage can be avoided by proper cushioning.

Remove any customer-installed wiring from transformer terminals. Leaving the wires attached risks tearing off a transformer terminal.

Cut wiring close to the terminal (without cutting the terminal). Do not try to clean wire remnants from the terminals.

Protect the transformer terminals. We ship units with a cardboard collar for this purpose. A square piece of thick foam gently wedged between the terminals also works.

If the unit is completely wrapped in a thick layer of bubble wrap (our strong preference), then the terminals will be protected without these extra measures.

Wrap the unit in adequate cushioning material. As mentioned, completely wrapping each unit in thick bubble wrap is ideal. When this is done, orientation of each unit in the shipping box is not important.

The factory ships using much thinner cushioning material to save space. However, if this is done, each unit must be oriented properly so that no sharp chassis edges are free to do damage.

If you don't understand how to do this, please do not try to get away with a just thin layer of foam. Your units will most likely arrive damaged. Thick bubble wrap is the best way to pack.