Ibex Battery Systems

General Description

sla smart charger battery disconnect

General Description These NEMA 3R boxes measure 18 x 16 x 8 inches and come with a 5A, SLA battery charger/power supply and 12V/20Ah battery. The battery remains permanently connected to the charger and provides backup power to the customer's application.

They are available in two styles, vented (stocked) and non-vented (non-stocked but a short lead-time).

The standard vented unit (-5V) is rain-proof but not protected against wind-driven rain or spray. A cooling fan automatically turns on if the box's internal temperature reaches 45C.

The optional non-vented box (-5NV) while not submersion-proof, is sealed against most weather conditions. Both boxes have a gasketed cover and lockable latches.

Pre-punched "D" holes are available for type "N" RF connectors. The power input hole is sized for a 1/2" flexible conduit connector.

Dual Power Sourcing The unit can be powered from the 120/240VAC mains, from a 12V/18V solar panel, or any 17-32VDC source. When powered by a solar panel, the charger operates in MPPT (maximum power point tracking) mode when appropriate.

A blank 10-1/8" x 14-7/8" panel with 8 inches of headroom is provided for mounting the application equipment.

The included enhanced 3 mode open-frame 12V/5.0A switch-mode charger is a modified S12BD-5.0/24DC.