High Temp SLA Charger
We manufacture open-frame and bare-board charger/power supply combinations for sealed lead acid batteries as well as extreme-environment switch-mode power supplies.

Low Temp SLA Charger

Most of our battery charger models are microprocessor controlled and are designed for -40C to +60C operation. Some are rated for +85C operation.

All are designed to be permanently connected to the application's battery - in parallel with the application's load. These SLA battery chargers are conservatively rated for industrial applications and may be connected to remotely-located charger-status LEDs. Low Temp Power Supply

Our dual output-voltage switch-mode power supplies have a -40C to +85C operating ambient temperature and 5 year warranty. Also available as a single output power supply.

Switch mode operation yields high efficiency and low heat build-up in tight enclosures.

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