High Temp SLA Charger
We manufacture open-frame and bare-board charger/power supply combinations for sealed lead acid batteries.

Low Temp SLA Charger

Our battery charger models are microprocessor controlled and most are designed for -40C to +85C operation.

All are designed to be permanently connected to the application's battery and load to form an uninterruptible power supply.

These SLA battery chargers are conservatively rated for industrial applications and may be connected to remotely-located charger-status LEDs. solar panel charger

Our 5A charger has the option of being powered from a solar panel or 120/240VAC (or both).

Switch-mode operation yields high efficiency and low heat build-up in tight enclosures.

solar panel charger The powered NEMA boxes provide the convenience of a built-in solar or AC powered battery charger/power supply and battery pack, with a blank panel for mounting specific application equipment.

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